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How to connect from metamask to Btachain

Connect and interact with DAPP's on the Btachain network using the Metamask wallet.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download Metamask
    Metamask wallet be operated via Android,IOS or Extention app for Chrome.
    Supported browser are Chrome , Firexfox , Brade & Edge.

    Click on the top right according to the image below

  2. Then on the left click the "Networks" section

    Enter the Chain ID & New RPC that has been prepared below

    Network Name


    New RPC Url

    Chain ID




    Block Explorer

  3. Then

  4. And finally you’re connected on BTAchain Network

How to update token information on BTAchain Explorer

Get Registered first & then log in to the client portal

Only the contract owner / token developer can update their contract/token information so that users can easily visit websites, social media & other information.

Before Submission makes sure it meets the following requirements:

  • Token / Contract has been verified and full-filled all the required information.
  • Contract/token compliant with BTA20.
  • The source code has been verified on the Btachain network.

Verify your Smart contract on the Chain of Btachain.

Smart Contract Verification can be done inside Btachain from source code but Validation can only be done from actual source code.

Source Code Verification is required to prove transparency for users who will interact with smart contracts

Once the source is uploaded, Btachain will compile the Bytecode on the blockchain with Bytecode compilation.

Follow these steps below to Finish contract verification :

There are 3 ways contract verification methods available:

  1. Solidity ( Single file )
  2. Solidity ( Multi-part files )
  3. Solidity ( Standart-json-input)

Things you must take a look at while doing source code verification:

  1. Compile version that you're using
  2. License for source code
  3. Optimization setting
  4. constructor Argument