What is Btachain ?

Btachain is a blockchain network as a ledger that accommodates and deviates data that occurs in the network. Btachain uses consensus (HPOS) Hybrid proof of stake with 21 Active validator systems, with a time interval of 3 seconds per block with a cheap transaction fee. The validator is in charge of producing blocks to confirm transactions, stability is an important guideline for Btachain.

Btachain is compatible with EVM, this feature will ease developers in building, developing, and implementing their Dapp's Project or contract into Btachain Network. Developer who is currently on the project based on EVM can implement their project into Btachain Network with the same method.

The features of Btachain includes:

Compatible EVM “Ethereum Virtual Machine”

Blockchain & Explorer

Smart contract

Token Contracts BTA20 & BTA721 (NFT Based)

Governance in the Chain

Can an ERC20 wallet address function as a BTA20 wallet?

BTA20 wallet is compatible with ERC20 wallet addresses because Btachain is EVM Compatible.

The wallet address used to hold the balance of the ERC20 token is also compatible to accommodate the BTA20 balance. It's recommended to use the wallet from the Metamask app or Metamask extension using Chrome browser. To display data, simply change the network / Chain ID, the guide can be obtained via this link …..

In the future we will continue to increase cooperation with various apps to list the btachain network to Dapp's, we will provide an update after the list is successful.

What makes failed transaction?

Failed Transaction failure can be caused by either not enough balance fee transaction or traffic transaction is overwhelming. If transaction failure occurs, the browser will display the "Fail" sign.

How to deal with failed transactions if the balance to pay the transaction fee is insufficient

Make a BTA Deposit

How to deal with failed transactions when traffic is heavy

Increase GAS Price & Gas limit

Why is Contract verification required?

Because contract verification will ease developers to make changes to token data later such as: updating token information, sales, name tags & others.

To Make contract verification, developers are required to create an account on btachain.com to get access portal client, and then you can do the verification on the client portal. The Contract will get synchronized with the client portal automatically. If developers need to make some changes later on, Data changes can be made only by logging back into the client portal.

As a contract owner in the client portal, a developer can perform more than one contract for development.