Developers all over the world can implement applications on BTAChain and all users can read, send and trade on BTAChain. Below you will find the risk disclaimer you must have agreed to read before being able to continue to use BTAChain – https://btachain.com

  1. You must know and understand all relevant laws and regulations or policy requirements in your jurisdiction. Here we do not give any opinion on this matter, but make sure to always comply with the laws that exist in your jurisdiction

  2. Wherever you participate or use DAPP for BTAChain through any trading platform, any wallet, it is your personal choice without any coercion from us

  3. You are fully aware of all LIABILITY arising from the third party DAPP services that you use

  4. BTAChain is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any third party DAPP reviews, here we also never make any guarantees for the validity, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness, representations, assurances as to the accuracy, recommendations or guide you to use any third-party dapp services

  5. If there are legal issues, contractual obligations, economic losses, or other problems when you use any third-party DAPP, it will be resolved by you and the third-party DAPP concerned with you. And once again we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for these things

  6. BTAChain will not share your personal information with any third party DAPP or otherwise such as providing personal information of any third party DAPP developer to you as a user. Unless you have given such explicit consent and obtained the approval of another party or a request from the relevant department. After obtaining such explicit approval, all legal responsibilities and disputes arising from the third party DAPP or the User will be borne and resolved by you and the relevant third party DAPP

We will try our best to provide services to our users.