BTA use EVM for contract execution.See Solidity for detail.


Remix IDE is an App and Open-source website that is compatible with a desktop-user. It is a booster for the development cycle to run fast and contains a huge amount set of plugins with intuitive GUIs. Remix has been constructed from A-Z for the journey of contract development as well as being a source for learning and teaching contract development.

For New file in Explorer, simply go to the right side and click Edit Contract

Contract Compiling Guide :

  1. Switch the UI by Click compiler button
  2. Before Compile, Pick the Contract
  3. Place compile flags
  4. Click compile button

Contract Deployment from Wallet to the blockchain

1. Put the right Network Setting in MetaMask.

2. Back to Remix.

  1. Swich Environment
  2. Select Contract
  3. Click the deploy button