Introduction of Bitcoin Asset (BTA)

BITCOIN ASSET, as the name implies, Bitcoin Assets, we hope that with the presence of BTA, all of us here can feel and get the momentum like Bitcoin from 10 years back.

Bitcoin itself is the mother of all coins that exist today. Therefore, we also rely on BITCOIN to create the current euphoria of the market but with Advanced features and more complete protocols.

We combine bitcoin with the current development, namely protocol, Defi, swap and NFT. thus, BTA is a worthy asset to be valued higher for the future as long-term investment assets just like Bitcoin..

Introduction Bitcoin Asset to Btachain Network

BTAchain is a public chain that decentralized transparently, Bitcoin Asset is The main role coin in the chain on the BTAchain Network. It is used as a GAS fee for exchange token transactions, Smart Contract, and Liquidity in Smart Contract.

BTAchain Network is designed specifically for Saving Energy and High efficiency on transaction fees.

The Network Infrastructure that built-in BTAchain is also compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine "EVM". It leads every developer who is currently building their project on the Ethereum network could easily implement their project into BTAchain Network.

BTAchain will always develop the efficiency of Ethereum with several layers and empower the ecosystem on Ethereum Network.


Our vision is to be the world's leading protocol that can provide market needs and keep continuing development to become the most advanced in its class.

We are aware that achieving the goal requires teamwork, both protocol providers, token developers, and the token community in the world. Therefore the synergy that has been created must get beneficial mutually, starts from the point of view of price, quality, and convenience, and user satisfaction.


TPS: 500+
Average block interval: 3s

Consensus Mechanism

HPoS consensus mechanism : BTAchain has a High-efficiency on Transaction Fee, Transaction rate which reduces transaction pending. It has the capability to accommodate the number of transactions on a large scale. The maximum number of validators supported is 21.

Economic Model

Every Token transaction listed on BTAchain will consume BTA as a transaction fee.


Tokens Similar assets like BTC, ETH, and other stablecoins can be mapped into the Btachain network by a bridge system.

The bridge method is a way of connecting transactions between chains through smart contracts.

Cross-chain is a decentralized solution between different networks to carry out transactions.

Technical Characteristics

  • Open-source and Decentralization have proven secured for Network and Asset Security.

  • Compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine "EVM" which ease every Developer to migrate their project from Ethereum network to BTAchain Network.

  • A smart contract that eases to be implemented

  • User interface that supports features

  • Support cross-chain transactions that improve user experience.

Fund and Facility Support

  • Potential developers will get priority support services.

  • Btachain has prepared investment funds for potential developers to receive incentives for the project.

  • Btachain will seek potential developers and hold a competition to choose which participants would be funded.

  • Facility support will be provided for developers that build projects on BTAchain Network.

  • Support for cooperation with various sectors has also been prepared so that developers can more easily reach the market quickly.

Resource Support

Developers who get funding also get the opportunity to get supported resources from Btachain, to support their projects to a greater extent.


Developers and users are advised to participate in testing on the Testnet network to save money before entering the Mainnet network testing phase.

During Testing on "Testnet", Token nor Smart Contract wouldn't issue a warning "beware of scams", users must understand the difference between Testnet Network and Mainnet Network.

Every promotional announcement, collaboration, or authorization is only announced through the official Btachain Official social media platform. Developers and users must be careful in this regard to avoid fraud that can harm finances. The Official Site is “Make sure it's on HTTPS encryption key".